About us

We’re a small business based near Stroud, Gloucestershire that specialises in repairing and rewinding automobile magnetos. We have been repairing magnetos for a considerable number of years, and are known for a fast and efficient service.

A little more about the people involved:

John Tanner, owner and proprietor, comes from a lifetime in electronics and electrics. Following his departure from Link Electronics Ltd., the company he founded with partner David Mann, and the last UK company to manufacture broadcast colour television cameras, he purchased the remains of the old Magneto Repairs, Lighting and Ignition Company from the estate of the late Dorothy Marjoram in 1986. The company dates from 1918 and during its lifetime was a major Lucas agent in North London, as well as being an appointed supplier of specialist parts to Rolls-Royce. In the twelve years under his ownership the magneto and ignition side has been revived, coil winding brought back ‘in house’, and a enviable reputation built up for high performance, sensibly priced, magneto rebuilds

Andrew Watt, great nephew of Louis Coatalen – chief engineer of the Sunbeam company and designer of the famous land speed record cars in the 1920’s – is a historical consultant to the company. Disabled following his accident when descending Reigate hill out of control with brake failure in his 1897 Leon Bollee, and subsequently receiving a head injury from a falling chimney his day to day involvement is minimal, but his extensive knowledge of motoring history and enthusiastic involvement in the vintage and veteran motoring world remains a valuable asset to the company.

As well as turning disintegrated magnetos into good-as-new, working units, with our specialist equipment we are able to tackle many other miscellaneous coil-rewinding tasks.